How to use Option sets

Database Aug 17, 2020

You might have multiple dropdowns with a list of static choices. And if you ever wanted to change the list of options, you'd have to individually change the option sets for all the dropdowns.

You can speed up your app development using something called Option sets. Options sets are basically globally defined variable or values which can be used anywhere inside your app. You can use them with repeating groups, dropdowns, radio buttons and checkboxes.

How to set them up

To set them up, go over to the Data tab on the left and select Option sets.

Your option sets won't be populated like this. They'll be empty. You can click on New option set to create one. You'll have to define the Display attribute.

Once you create an Option set, you can start defining the Options.

You can add for example a list of Categories a product can have if you have an ecommerce app. This Option set can then be referenced in the dropdown that you show to users. We'll get to that in a bit.

Option sets have attributes which are additional values that you associate with each option. For example, you can define a price slab with each product category. To do so, add the attribute and when you add a new option, you can define both the attributes.

So, when you'll add an option with Display attribute as Shoes, you can also set the Price attribute as $10. This will allow you to use the Price attribute wherever you're using the Option set.

How to use them

You can use the Option sets in dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes and multi-select dropdowns.

Simply select the Choice style as Dynamic and Type of Choices as the name of the Option set that you created. The choice source will All Option sets name. The Option Caption will be the Attribute that you want to be used in the dropdown.

Radio buttons

Similarly, for the radio buttons, the Choice style should be dynamic and the Choice source as All Option sets name.

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